Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Radio Highlights of 1939

I discovered that The Internet Archive has lots of Old Time Radio programs that are in public domain. Here are some of the highlights I found from 1939:

The Aldrich Family

A sitcom.

Arch Obler's Plays

A Twilight-Zone-like anthology drama specializing in horror and other unusual stories.

Captain Midnight

Captain Midnight was an adventure serial intended for kids. This is the first 15 minute installment of a story arc called "The Perada Treasure". You can listen to the other 58 installments at the Internet Archive.

Complete Broadcast Day

Radio station WJSV in Washington, D.C. recorded it's complete broadcast day on September 21, 1939. The Internet Archive has all 16 hours. Here's a few highlights:

Chapter 1 - President Roosevelt's address to Congress
Chapter 2 - Major League Baseball: Cleveland Indians at the Washington Senators
Chapter 3 - "Ask It Basket" quiz show
Chapter 4 - Ten O'Clock News
Chapter 5 - Louis Prima